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Eudox CTM can help streamline your business. Built in tools to manage your entire business, advanced bounced check tracking and management.
Eeasy capture of all of the required information about your customers and transactions 
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Automatic OFAC check against the most recent lists of all parties involved in a transaction

Real time notifications

Numerous on-screen warnings and notifications, pre-defined standard transaction types

Built in tools

Built in tools to manage your entire business, advanced bounced check tracking and management

Easy Transaction Entry

Checks can be scanned or entered manually, Automatic OFAC check


Rich set of pre-defined standard reports, many filtering options for accurate report generation

Personalized support

We are always ready to address any of your custom requirements in a timely and affordable manner

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Check Transaction Monitor Screen Gallery

Eudox Systems’ Check Transaction Monitor (CTM) is a desktop application which uses an MS SQL server database for data storage. The application can be installed on any number of workstations at a given location.
eUDOX sYSTEMS -Check transaction Monitor, login screen

Login screen

In order to use CTM, each user must have a user account. User account permissions will determine which features of the system are available to a particular user.
Eudox Systems - Transaction entry screen

Transaction Entry Screen

Transaction entry begins by selecting Customer and Presenter.
Checks can be scanned or entered manually. If scanner is used, account information is automatically populated.
Eudox Sytsems - Transaction History Screen

Transaction History

Transaction History screen makes it easy to quickly locate an entered transaction.
The transaction can then be selected for viewing or editing.
Transaction Reports Eudox systems_01


Check Transaction Monitor Reports Screen Gallery. Reports for all transaction types (including check transactions). This screen gives you the biggest reporting flexibility.
Eudox Systems - Customers Screen


Customer screen is used to capture information about customers. Customer can be defined as Business or Individual. Variety of information about Customer can be captured.
Check transaction Monitor-Presenter Management Screen

Presenter Management Screen

Presenters are individuals presenting checks on behalf of one or more businesses. A photo can be attached to each presenter record, as well as scanned ID card.

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"Highly recommended"

"We have been using CTM since 2007, and it has been great. The software itself is powerful but easy to use, which also makes training with new employees a breeze. Eudox support is always there, and we had several custom reports and features added over the years as well. Highly recommended."


Aracelly, check casher, Long Island, NY

"I love the features, reliability..."

"I was personally using CTM at two separate check cashers in New York. I love the features, reliability, and ease of use, especially with BSA reports on the fly. On top of it, our business is regularly audited by the State, and CTM provides all of the required reports. We switched to Eudox from another well-known vendor, and never looked back. "

Sonny, MSB owner, New York

" The best check cashing software on the market..."

"We have been in the check-cashing business in New York for over 25 years. Before using the CTM, we were using our in-house developed software. The Eudox software is by far the best check cashing software on the market. "

Joe, MSB owner, New York.

"BSA reports are outstanding..."

"My firm provides BSA Compliance Review for money service businesses as well as banks. We had the opportunity to use Eudox check cashing software while conducting the compliance review with our MSB clients, and the quality of their BSA reports is outstanding. The reporting also makes it much easier for the MSB to present the findings to the regulators. Highly recommended."

Kevin Kane, Financial Regulatory Consulting, New York