Commercial check cashing software

The Check Transaction Monitor or CTM is a leading check cashing software. It is primarily designed for commercial check cashers, registered as Money Service Businesses. With CTM you will manage your customers, presenters, and transactions easily and efficiently. The CTM also includes our BSA Compliance Module, providing on-demand compliance reports.
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Commercial check cashing software CTM, Eudox Systems

Commercial check cashing software | EUDOX SYSTEMS

Compliance Made Easy!

We have fully integrated our BSA Compliance Module into CTM. This is the same module that we use in our banking software. Along with the OFAC check, you can create BSA reports, filtered with amounts, range, or customers. The reports will provide needed information related to BSA and other FinCen and State requirements.
Commercial check cashing - OFAC check - by Eudox Systems

OFAC check

The CTM has built-in automated OFAC-check on makers and customers with real-time verification. The OFAC Report can be generated on demand.

Why choose us

With Eudox CTM you are always in compliance!

Automatic OFAC check

Automatic OFAC check against the most recent lists of all parties involved in a transaction

CTR reporting

CTR reporting, including related customers and common presenters, across multiple locations (if applicable)

CTR Batch file creator

Optional CTR Batch file creator for quick and accurate filing


Pre-defined reports that cover all of the regulatory requirements


Real time warnings about Customers, Presenters, and Check Makers

Check image library

Searchable check image library (requires check scanner)

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Commercial check cashing software | EUDOX SYSTEMS