Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

What exactly is CTM?
The Check Transaction Monitor or CTM is a leading check cashing software. It is primarily designed for commercial check cashers, registered as Money Service Businesses. With CTM you will manage your customers, presenters, and transactions easily and efficiently. The CTM also includes our BSA Compliance Module, providing on-demand compliance reports.
What kind of computer hardware do we need to use your system?
We recommend that the CTM be installed on a dedicated computer, so enough processing power is available for the database. In our experience, for small offices, a regular desktop with 16GB RAM and a 500GB hard drive is sufficient. For larger businesses, we recommend a dedicated server.
Do we need to buy computers from you?
No. You can use your existing computers, as long as they are newer and can run CTM with no issues.
Is our data backed up?
Yes. Your data is backed up locally and optionally in the cloud. We will configure a daily backup of your CTM database when the software is installed.
Does your software provide check imaging?
Yes. The CTM fully supports check to image using MICR check scanners from Magtek. The process streamlines your check entry as well, as the scanner reads check information without the need to manually enter the data. The images are stored and can be viewed at any time.
What kind of reports we can generate?
The CTM provides a variety of check cashing and compliance reports. Some of them are: Daily check report, CTR filings, Related customers, Bounced check report, Check Makers activity, Customer activity report, BSA transaction reports, and many more. Custom reports can be added as well.
Do you provide support for CTM?
Yes, At Eudox, we take pride in supporting our applications with the highest level of engagement. Our Support Desk is available via phone or email. We provide live support Monday to Friday and email support after hours.
We have several computers in our office; can we install CTM on all of them?
Yes, absolutely. There is no extra cost for installation on additional computers.
Do you provide training?
Yes, we do. Our training starts the moment you acquire the license and become our client. The software is intuitive and you will probably be an expert in a matter of hours.
Can we test your software to see if it is a good fit for us?
Yes. Most of our clients use the free trial. During the trial phase, you can enter the data, create reports, and use it in a fully licensed mode. We will install the software on your computer and even provide basic training. Once you are happy with CTM and purchase the software, we simply install your unique license and you are good to go!

Compliance Questions

We need to perform the OFAC check; can you help with that?
Yes. The CTM has built-in automated OFAC-check on makers and customers with real-time verification. The OFAC Report can be generated on demand. OFAC updates are downloaded automatically from the US Treasury OFAC site.
Our MSB has federal and state compliance requirements; can CTM improve our compliance status?
We have fully integrated our BSA Compliance Module into CTM. This is the same module that we use in our banking software. Along with the OFAC check, you can create BSA reports, filtered with amounts, range, or customers. The reports will provide needed information related to BSA and other FinCen and State requirements.
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